SSL Certificate, Web Encryption Makes the Internet Safer Than Ever Before

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Posted on October 27,2018 08:07 am

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SSL Certificate Web Encryption-While using the internet, data security is the main concern; as fallen into wrong hands can lead to data manipulation, stolen identity or even worse. It has become very common to share private and sensitive information over the internet due to various reasons like online shopping, membership forms for availing various services over the net or paying home rent; the list can go on and on. This sensitive information may include your bank login ID, credit card details, home address and even E-mail password. This type of information, if fallen into wrong hands, can lead to some serious consequences. Due to which it has become essential to prioritize internet security. And the best way to provide security over the net is through encryption. SSL web security ensures that every piece of information that passes through the web is encrypted in such a form that it cannot be hacked or manipulated.

Although, as individuals, we do take some sort of security measures like firewalls, antivirus but that is not enough. It is basically a one-sided security solution. But neglecting server-side security will be a big blunder. When we access the internet, the connection between the server and various computer system is involved. When we transfer data, it travels over various networks until it reaches its destination. If server security is neglected, there are chances that the data will be transferred or hacked or misused.

Importance of SSL certificate and web encryption

Middle-man-attack is very common if the data is not transferred through a secured link/connection. While using a public Wi-Fi network or open-network, chances of middle-man-attack (hacker) multiply as these types of connections are usually not well guarded and are way easier to crack. There are cases where hackers managed to crack legitimate non-secure Wi-Fi network using special software or bugs inside a router. This may worry you but there is a solution to everything and in this case, using HTTPS protocol is the best solution to avoid such incidence to occur.

HTTPS certificate ensures a secure and encrypted connection as it offers point-to-point encryption. You may wonder what it means and how it protects your data. Well, point-to-point encryption means that all the data being transferred is encrypted using a strong encryption algorithm before sending to the destination server. By using a special key, which is shared only with the destination server, the encrypted data can be decrypted. No other machine can decrypt the data.

How SSL certificate makes the Internet safer?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol using high-level encryption to provide security to the data being transferred over net. This does not mean that third party cannot access your data. They can access your data but in encrypted form only. This is so because it cannot decrypt or convert it into readable form without the special key (used for decryption).

A set of protocols is used to provide high-level security to the data being transferred over the net. These protocols are:


2. SSL

3. TCP

Together it makes a strong protocol, commonly known as HTTPS protocol. Data before being sent to its destination is encrypted by SSL and then sent over the web via TCP/IP. SSL is compatible with other protocols, therefore works well without affecting their working.


Malware and data breach has become very common and it has affected many entrepreneurs and individuals around the world. Due to which, the necessity of Internet security has become the prime concern. The volume of encrypted traffics has increased rapidly in the past decade and has surpassed the average volume of unencrypted traffic. The Green lock next to address has become more common. This shows that people have become more concerned about the web security and take it very seriously than ever before and are using SSL certificate-based encryption for data protection.

On SSL secured websites, it is impossible to replace its contents without authority. It makes it difficult for hackers to download malware through SSL protected websites. Due to this reason, most of the big players in the virtual world have switched to HTTPS:// from HTTP://. Even Google search engine gives preference to websites that are HTTPS:// prefixed over HTTP:// prefix. The necessity of SSL certificate and web encryption is increasing day-by-day with the increasing use of the web for financial services and important communication. According to experts, soon will come the day when the entire web will be secured by SSL certificate.


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