Top 10 Reliable SSL Certificate Providers of 2018

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Posted on September 15,2018 11:31 am

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SSL Certificate Providers 2018:-With an increase in cyber crimes, Internet security has become the top-most priority for online business owners. By not paying attention to security, you are playing with your business's credibility and reputation. To earn customer’s confidence in sharing their personal data, you must secure your website for data transfer. One bad experience and you'll not only lose that customer forever but also earn bad publicity. So it is important to present a secure website to your customers. The kind of high-level security that you would need can easily be achieved with SSL certificates.

SSL is Secure Socket Layer protocol, designed to establish a secure encrypted communication link between browser and server. To create such a secure connection, you need to install SSL certificate. Only after successful installation of SSL certificate, SSL connection can be activated. Three visual signs by which a customer can analyze thesecurity level of any website are:

  1. https:// prefix on URL

  2. Padlock icon on the address bar

  3. SSL site seal

Top reliable SSL Certificate providers in 2018

There are many SSL certificate providers in the market but not all of them can be trusted. There are many SSL certificate providers who claim to provide best and reliable SSL certificates but fail to maintain the high standard of security. Below is the list of reliable SSL certificate providers who have maintained security standards and have provided the best service to its customers.

1. Comodo: Comodo has gained faith in providing best services over the years and is the largest SSL certificate provider. It caters to both, small and medium level online businesses. Additional features and tools provided by Comodo SSL certificate are:

1) Point-to-verify (for real-time verification)

2) Prominent level of security with 2048 bit signature

3) Up to 256-bit encryption strength

4) 30 days money back guarantee

5) Free SSL certificate management tool

6) Trustlogo site seal

2. GeoTrust: It is the second largest SSL certificate provider worldwide. Main features provided by GeoTrust are:

1) Is set up in around 150 countries

2) Enables up to 256 bit SSL encryption

3) GeoTrust True Site Seals (basis on identification verification)

3. DigiCert: It has been providing encryption solutions for websites and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Main features of DigiCert are listed below:

i. Allows free re-issues on unlimited servers for the lifetime of your certificate.

ii. Trusted by major mail systems, web browsers and mobile

iii. 256-bit encryption strength

iv. 2048 bit RSA keys signed with SHA-256

v. SCC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) support

vi. Public key encryption used to create smaller but effective cryptographic key

4. GlobalSign: It is public key infrastructure solutions provider. It is helpful in increasing SEO ranking on Google. It has gained many customers like Microsoft, BBC, and Ford to protect their online communication by availing GlobalSign’s identity management services. Various features of GlobalSign are:

i. Caters to all size of business

ii. Manages verified digital identities

iii. Automates authentication and encryption

iv. Provides encryption using SHA-256

v. 2048- bit RSA keys with ECC support

vi. Secure Site Seals

5. Symantec: Fortune 500 Company is providing cyber security software and services around the world since long under the name Symantec. SSL certificate provided by Symantec not only provides 256-bit encryption but also automatically safeguards the complete site against malicious software. Features provided are:

1) 256-bit encryption strength

2) Norton Secured trust seal

6. Thawte: Thawte has the manager to capture 40% of the global market, which includes 240 countries. It has issued as many as 9 million SSL and code signing certificates till date. Few of the features provided by Thawte are listed below:

i. Trusted Site Seal

ii. Robust SSL certificate management tool

iii. These certificates can be installed on multiple servers without paying extra

iv. Certificates can be renewed for free if changes are made on server

v. Compatible with all the major browsers and systems

vi. 256-bit encryption strength

7. IdenTrust: It is formerly known as Digital Signature Trust (DST). It provides digital authentication services to various departments like:

1) US government

2) Banks

3) Financial departments

4) E-commerce sites.

Various features of IdenTrust are listed below:

i. IdenTrust Secured seal

ii. 2048- bit SSL certificate

iii. SHA-2 algorithm

iv. Supports 256-bit and 128-bit encryption strength

8. Entrust: SSL certificate provided by Entrust is capable of protecting:

1) Emails

2) Code signing

3) Device authentication

4) PDF document signing

Features of Entrust SSL certificate are:

i. SiteLock website security

ii. SWS service

iii. Certificate management tool compatible with any web browser

9. Network Solutions: In case you change your hosting provider, Network Solutions replace your current SSL certificate for free. Features provided by Network Solutions are:

i. Supports up to 256-bit encryption

ii. Compatible with almost all the browsers

iii. Website and performance, monitoring service

10. RapidSSL: These certificates are the cheapest of all the above-mentioned SSL certificate providers. Various features provided by RapilSSLare :

i. 30 days money back guarantee

ii. SSL management console

iii. Re-issue of the certificate without additional cost

iv. Provides 256-bit encryption strength

v. Trusted Site Seal


Above mentioned is the list of most reliable SSL certificate providers. We have also mentioned the main features provided by various providers to make it easier for you to choose the best as per your requirements. For further inquiry, feel free to contact our customer care team on +1 (888) 606-7330.