Why multiple Domain SSL certificate is a smart choice?

by sslstreet admin

Posted on March 31,2018 05:44 am

The SSL Street

Before going into details we should first understand what SSL certificate and multiple domains are.

  • Multiple Domains: These are basically add-on domains to a primary/parent domain that are distributed among the disk-space/storage space. It gives flexibility to host more than one domain under one server but each sub-domain has its own web file, although they share database. In simple words, these are multiple domains under the same owner.

  • SSL Certificate: Secure Socket Layer, commonly known as SSL certificate, provides a security to sensitive data being transferred between a browser and a website.

Why SSL Certificate?
To ensure security while using multiple domains, a Multiple Domain SSL Certificate is a smart choice, as it gives security to all the domains and sub-domains under one SSL certificate, which in turn saves time, money and hassle of getting certificate for each and every domain as well as sub-domain.

The only thing a client should make sure of, before going for SSL Certificate is that all the domains and sub-domains are registered under the same owner. If this is not the case, then the issued SSL certificate will not cover those particular domains which are not registered under that particular server due to security issues.

How SSL certificate ensures security for multiple domains?
As security is one of the major concerns, while transferring or sharing sensitive/personal data, we must sure that good security standards are being followed, especially, in the case where more than one domain exists under one server. This can be achieved through Comodo Multiple Domain SSL Certificate. To ensure secure transfer, a single IP address is issued tothe main server, which will in turn serve all the registered domains and sub-domains under the same owner.

Multiple domain SSL Certificates are universally known as UCC (Unified Communications Certificates). These certificates not only secures parent domain/primary domain but upto 99 add-on domains and sub-domains. Multiple domain SSL Certificate is ideal for an environment where space of a host is shared, as it nullifies requirement of multiple issuing of SSL certificates. Instead, only one SSL certificate will serve the purpose.

If an owner owns number of sites, each with different domain name, it will be time consuming, as well as, unfriendly to use different SSL certificates for each and every domain. It will be convenient to use single SSL certificate to provide internet security to all the domains and sub-domains owned by a same owner. A single SSL certificate will provide protection to all the registered domains and sub-domains with a single IP address.