Why Google Loves Wildcard SSL Certificates?

by sslstreet admin

Posted on April 16,2018 04:12 pm

The SSL Street

Taking your business online? Do you have Wildcard SSL certificate for your website? If you have not considered Wildcard SSL certificate yet, for your website, it is right time to do it because there are chances that Google might flag your website within few months. The Internet is not an unfamiliar term and e-commerce businesses are new. But most of the merchants, running websites as a virtual market to sell products and services neglect customer security. Most of the websites require customers/web page visitor’s personal details in one or the other form. Let us understand it with the following:

Login page: Details required are Name & address

  • Mobile number

  • E-mail ID

  • Date of Birth

  • User ID & password

Membership Subscription form: Details required are

  • Name & address

  • Mobile number & E-mail ID

  • Credit card details

Payment page: Details required are

  • Name & address

  • Mobile number & E-mail ID

  • Credit card details

  • NetBanking details

  • Debit card details

This information is very critical and can be misused if fallen into the wrong hands. With dominating trend of E-world, it has become essential to take special measures to provide Internet security and Google is in no mood of overlooking any loopholes that hinder it and is planning to flag unencrypted Internet by the end of this year.

The unsafe web is what Google is planning to get rid off and is looking forward to providing a secure Internet for its customers' security. If you're running a website without SSL certificate, get one or be ready for bad publicity as “Not secure” is the tag which will be displayed in your URL bar.

Why Google prefersWildcard SSL Certificate?

When it comes to internet security, it has become essential to use wildcard SSL certificate because it not only secures a particular page or a home page but also sub-domains associated with it on a single certificate. It comes with unlimited server license & warranty as well as provides 99.9% of browser capability. In short Wildcard SSL certificate secures website URL. It is ideal for those who manage multiple sites on a single domain.

With the new version of chrome, SSL certificate has become mandatory for websites that require text input in form of the login page, contact form, subscription form etc. Else ‘Not secure’ warning will be issued to visitors of your site, which might deteriorate your business.

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security technology through which an encrypted link is established between a browser and a web server. It is due to encrypted link that the data remain private and secure when interchanged between the browser and the server. Every SSL certificate contains following information:

  • Name of the holder

  • Serial number & expiration date

  • Copy of public key

  • Digital signature of the issuing authority

Wildcard SSL certificate is one of the SSL certificates that provide multi-layer online protection. With single wildcard certificate, you can secure multiple domains. This not only saves you from the horror of buying and installing certificates for each and every domain but also saves a lot of time that can be used elsewhere, productively.

Features of a Wildcard SSL Certificate-

1. Encrypts sensitive information: If the information is passed over the internet with encryption, it can be read easily and can be misused. Sensitive information like credit card number, net-banking information, username, and password should be transferred in unreadable form.

2. Provides protection from cyber-crime: Cyber-criminals are smart enough to identify any loophole- in your network and capture important & sensitive data before it reaches its destination. SSL certificate helps you defend against such black-eye masked people.

3. Builds trust and brand power: Lock icon and green address bar are the symbols of internet security. It provides assurance to the customer that the particular website is secure to use and he can share personal and sensitive information without hesitation. This will undoubtedly boost the credibility of the brand and add to the brand power.

If planning to buy Wildcard SSL certificate, don’t waste much time and get it today, before Google flags your website.