The Evolution of SSL Certificate on Smartphones

by sslstreet admin

Posted on May 05,2018 01:17 pm

The SSL Street

Smartphone has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. From the basic need of making phone calls to texting, shopping online; the importance of a smartphone has multiplied. It is the most convenient way of connecting with people and therefore, has almost replaced desktops. It is important to understand that desktop’s infrastructure is completely different from that of smartphone and that it is important to keep them secure as well.

Most of the business owners are working towards the development of their websites so that it can be viewed on each device; tablets, smartphones, desktops, etc. If business owners fail to provide such compatible websites, they will end up losing a large portion of revenue. On the other hand, CA’s (Certification Authorities) are concerned about smartphone security and are working on the solutions that are compatible with every existing version of a website. Majority of CA vendors have adopted such technologies by now, like:

1. Use of ‘mobile code signing credentials’ to keep hackers away

2. Some of the CA vendors have also implemented SSL certificate to meet security issues

3. Digital Signatures (still in beta stage)

SSL certificate for smartphones

Working of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is same for every computing device. Let it be smartphone, tablet or desktop; SSL certificate in each case solves the purpose of providing Internet security. With SSL certificate, smartphone users can enjoy optimal protection while surfing the internet but this is only applicable if the certificate is compatible with the smartphone you are using else the user will receive an error message. Note that the certificates that support micro browsers are compatible with smartphones and around 99% of the SSL certificates are smartphone compatible.

SSL Certificate Adopters

There are SSL certificates that are compatible with mobile browsing and have been adopted by the following:

  1. Comodo

  2. GeoTrust

  3. Global Sign.

Comodo is one of the early adaptors of SSL certificate. Being superior in terms of experience, it succeeds in the certification as well as antivirus software. The brand has mastered the technical knowledge and is capable of providing best solutions for certification issues.

Using SSL certificate for Smartphones

SSL certificate is mandatory for website security as it helps in protecting data (private, sensitive and important information) from unknown and unauthorized third parties. When indulged in online business, customer’s security should be the priority and if your website is secure enough it will encourage your customers to transact with your company. This will not only help you retain customers but also build customer loyalty and business goodwill.

The key points to secure online transactions are:

  • SSL secure Site seal: It is visual stamp and is displayed on home page of the website. This site seal signifies security, credibility, and reliability. Secured transactions and data security are indicated by displaying it on the website. In other words, we can say that it is safe to transmit your personal data on the sites having ‘SSL secure site seal’.

  • Green address bar: EV green address bar is enabled for every site that has Extended Validation SSL certificate. This green address bar gives visual assurance of Internet security. This helps in gaining the trust of customers and also affects conversion rate of the site.

  • High level of encryption: Algorithms are used to encrypt data, which is then transferred through an encrypted link to provide high-level security. Encryption algorithm converts data into a non-readable form, which is not easy to understand, which further makes data transfer via Internet secure.

SSL certificate for security and data transfer is beneficial for both, the customer as well as the online merchant. Beside SSL certificate security, most of CA vendors also provide technical support and back up (in some cases) which helps in enhancing security protection level.