5 Reasons to Switch Your SSL Provider or Certificate Authority

by sslstreet admin

Posted on July 28,2018 05:37 am

The SSL Street

Thinking of switching to another SSL Provider or Certificate Authority, here is the list of factors that you should consider. It is wise to choose carefully than to repent later. To make the task of switching easily follow the following step:

  • Make a list of various factors you are looking for(priority wise)

  • Compare with the competitors

  • Understand the pros and cons

In this article, we will discuss a few factors that can ease the task of switching. This will help you in decision making. Not only pricing but we should also consider other factors before coming to a decision. Let us discuss few of them one by one in detail:

1. Value of the Product: One of the main factors that help in decision making is costing, which we can’t neglect. But it is not an adequate reason for choosing SSL provider. Value of the product is also as important as its costing. For example, if you choose cost over value, you might end up compromising with the security needs. This will not be considered a wise decision. It is important to understand the business requirements and needs. You should also keep in mind your near future requirements as well as the long-term goals of your company. I am sure you would like a hassle-free solution, which will not only cover your company’s current needs but also future requirements. The Value that you should consider while searching for a new SSL provider are:

  • The Certificate features

  • Benefits provided

  • Service level

  • Customer support?

2. Features & Benefits:Every SSL provider will lure you with various benefits and features in order to sell their product. Be smart, choose wisely and evaluate offers given by different providers. Keeping value in mind, go through all the offers and choose the one that fulfills the needs of your business. These offers could be:

  • Additional value-added service (free of cost)

  • Automatic renewal of SSL certificate

  • Unlimited Service licenses

Before considering any CA or SSL provider, take your own sweet time to think.The Good marketer will always try to fill his pocket in the name of additional features and benefits. Do not fall into their trap.Think wisely and answer a few questions before finalizing the deal:

  1. Do you really need these offers?

  2. Are these benefits (promised by SSL provider) useful (as per your business requirements)?

  3. If you are offered extra features with some additional charge, check whether those features are essential for the long run of your business.

3. Support & Service: If you are looking for the long-lasting relationship with SSL provider or Certificate Authority (CA), you should look for more than just cost. SSL Certificate provisioning requires the following things:

  1. Order placed
  2. Support and service in need (when required)
  3. Renewal (when required)
  4. Installation

Service and support isvery important aspect of buildingstrong relationships and is what you should consider while switching your SSL provider. Check various support services like:

  • Support for different languages

  • Support irrespective of time zone difference

  • Support over phone

  • Response time

  • Accuracy and time taken to respond or resolve a query

While switching SSL provider, make sure you do not fall victim to some marketing strategy. Lower cost can mean that they may not facilitate you with all the features they have mentioned. Low cost also means that minimum support service provided. They may cut few of the benefits (which are beneficial and can fulfill your business need) to lower the cost.

4. Comprehensive Lifecycle Management (CLM): CLM includes basically three things. These are:

  • Discovering

  • Taking inventories

  • Managing all SSL certificate across your network including cloud service

Next thing to be considered is easy and a seamless processof deployment and management of various SSL certificates. It will not only save your money but also time. Get a demo before finalizing. Check the tool or platform and look for answers to the following questions:

  • Whether it is exactly what has been promised.

  • Is it user-friendly?

  • Is it a time-efficient tool?

  • Are you the right person to understand and use this platform, or being trained?

A reputed CA will always provide you with a user-friendly and time effective tool. Now the question arises ‘can your team put this tool to work instantly?’

Also, do not forget to check whether your CA offers following two important things:

  • Dedicated account management

  • Continued support for any kind of issue related to SSL    

5.Compatibility: While switching, it is important to look for a trusted SSL provider or CA. Major Browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) have joined their hands and made a list of trusted CA. Certificates issued by these CAs are compatible with almost all the browsers and devices. On choosing a new CA, few things you should ask them before finalizing are:

  1. How long they have been running as a CA or SSL provider?

  2. About browsers and devices, and what are their certificates are compatible with


If your current SSL provider is not fulfilling all your business needs and you do not see the longevity of this partnership, then it’s the right time to switch. Another reason for switching can be trusted CA. Money does matter but there are other factors too, which you should consider for the smooth and long functioning of your business. On searching for new CA or SSL provider, there should be certain things kept in your mind. These are cost & value, features & benefits, support & service, CLM, and compatibility. If you get satisfactory answers to your questions, then you need to switch your SSL provider or Certificate Authority.
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