Does Your SSL Provider Answer The Following Questions Adequately?

by sslstreet admin

Posted on September 22,2018 05:51 pm

The SSL Street

If you run a website or are related to E-commerce industry, you know the importance of SSL certificate, website security and authorized SSL provider. Searching for correct SSL provider is quite a tedious task, there is no doubt about it. Finding an authorized provider and getting a real SSL certificate is becoming difficult day by day, as there are a lot of players sitting in the market to cheat you. Not only this, but there are thousands of hackers withpreying eyes looking for an opportunity to dope SSL provider. These hackers with malicious intentions always look for the flaw in security clearance procedures, in order to make some easy money.

But you don’t need to panic. There are ways to find out whether the SSL provider you have genuine or not. To find out authenticity and legality of SSL provider you need to know about certain things, which we have listed below. This list of questions will help you in finding whether the SSL provider you have chosen is genuine and is actually what he is claiming to be. It will also help you understand the level of protection being offered to you for your e-business.

1. Do they offer variety of SSL certificates?

SSL certificate is categorized into three main categories depending upon the level of encryption. It totally depends upon your business type and requirement, which certificate to choose from. It is SSL provider’s responsibility to understand your requirement and issue appropriate SSL certificate, which is right to provide security level you require and fulfill your business’s requirement.

2. Do they provide after sale support whenever required?

The Installation process of SSL certificate is not as easy as you may think. It is a complicated process, which at times requires some kind of technical assistance or support. It is difficult to complete the process of installation without the support of certificate provider. Even help from certificate provider is required for renewal of these certificates when existing certificates are about to expire. So it is important that the live support system is always working for providing instant support to its customers.

3. Does certificate providers have valid EV certificates?

EV certificate is an Extended Validation Certificate, which is a type of SSL certificate. It offers the highest level of online protection as compared to other categories of SSL certificates. EV certificate maintains a list, which contains the following credentials of a business:

  • Physical address

  • Phone number

  • Official E-mail ID

  • Other important details about the business

This list ensures the legality of the business in the virtual online world. These certificates are not easily granted. Background checks are necessary before issuing these certificates. So, before going for an EV certificate, it is important to ensure that your certificate provider provides valid EV certificate.

4. Is SSL certificate their prime product?

Sometimes we neglect such minor things but it does matter when it comes to Internet security. If your certificate provider mainly focuses on SSL certificates, this ensures that better services will be provided. Some of the SSL providers may offer you the combo of certain products along with the SSL certificate and will ensure you that this will be more beneficial. But what they promise is way beyond reality. So make sure that your certificate provider’s prime product is SSL certificate. This ensures quality online protection.

5. What about customer testimonials?

In the virtual world, most of the businesses and services do not have the face. So it becomes important to check testimonials, which act like witnesses for proving the genuineness of the online products and services. To check the credibility of SSL certificate provider, testimonial plays an important role. So even before going for a renowned SSL provider, checking other customers experience is the smart option rather than regretting later. Look for answers to various questions before finalizing the certificate provider, such as:

  • What existing customers have to say about the certificate provider?

  • Can you count on these people and on testimonials provided by them?

  • Are they satisfied with after sales support?

  • Were issues resolved in minimum time duration?


No matter what size of business you own, it is important to have some kind of online protection to maintain good reputations of your business and to save your business credentials. For online security SSL certificate has earned good name globally. But it is important to choose a genuine SSL certificate from an authorized service provider. Before finalizing SSL certificate provider for your business, consider the above-mentioned points and then take the decision. Spend a good amount of time in reviewing and making a list of all the providers. This will help you in choosing the right Comodo SSL provider to solve your purpose. But if you still have questions or concerns, give us a call at +1 (888) 606-7330.