Does SSL help your Local business’s SEO Rank to Improve on Google?

by sslstreet admin

Posted on February 09,2018 02:11 am

The SSL Street

About SSL

SSL is a Secure Socket Layer, which helps in securing data from being misused or modified by any third party by establishing encrypted link between the browser and the server or between servers. This link ensures that the data that is being transferred/shared between the server and the browser remains private and secure.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As it is a known fact that with more traffic on a particular website leads to a better ranking of that particular website. SEO helps in getting traffic from search engines to websites when a query is entered by the user in search engine in order to find answer to his/her query. SEO is a technique through which it becomes easier to locate your website and rank it higher than any other websites covering the same topic.

How SEO Rank can be improved for our website/local business?

Let’s understand this in a simpler way. Whenever we have a query in our mind, we tend to search it online with the help of any search engine. When we type our query, a list of results show up on our screen and out of all those results most of the time we choose the very first result. We do so because the first website shown as a result of our query tends to be more appropriate or relevant than other websites or web pages. The website ranked better will be shown prior to the websites whose ranking is not that good as compared to the website which is ranked top most. SEO is the marketing technique of web, which helps in improving the ranking of websites and helps in diverting traffic to your website from search engines.

Does SSL help?

Although SSL helps in providing security, but is it equally good for improving SEO ranking of local business? Let’s discuss it in detail to understand better-

  1. Google (search engine) gives preference to webpages with https:// over http:// if the searched article in both the website is appropriate and relevant.

  2. SSL certificate can cost you more if your website is huge; as the cost can increase radically, depending upon the amount of data transferred an if it is encrypted. If your business is not at a large scale, the cost of SSL certificate might affect your budget.

If you own local business and want to go for SSL to improve SEO ranking, consider above mentioned points and make a wise decision.