5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing An SSL Certificate

by sslstreet admin

Posted on January 27,2018 07:47 am

The SSL Street


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is important when personal details, sensitive data or confidential data is being transferred using internet. In order to secure it from being misused by third party or hacker, we need an extra layer of security- SSL. To provide internet security, the data being shared between a server and a browser is encrypted before sharing thus remains safe from being accessed by wrong person or misused by any third party.  

 SSL certificate is highly recommended where details like credit card number, bank details etc are required. SSL certificate Makes any site more reliable. E-commerce is very common now days, due to lack of time most of us prefer online shopping. But what if the e-commerce site is not secure? Most of us will prefer to search for a link which is more secure and reliable. Not only e-commerce sites but all the sites that handle sensitive information or personal information should opt for SSL Certificate in order to provide data security. It not only provides security but also enhance search engine ranking. These are the reasons why SSL Certificate is a must.  

 However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind before acquiring SSL Certificate:


  1. Which SSL to opt for: There are dedicated SSL as well as Shared SSL. Shared SSLs are normally free of cost, no support service and link is not that secure. Whereas, Dedicated SSLs have good support service and cost money but is completely owned by one user only, thus is highly recommended for e-commerce sites.

  1. Encryption level: Depending upon purpose of SSL certificate, there is an availability of various level of encryption. For example: For blogs, level of security required is less than that of any e-commerce sites. So before accruing SSL certificate, one should be aware of the level of encryption.

  2. From whom: There are quite a number of companies that sell SSL certificate but are these companies reliable or trustworthy? I would suggest to go for a good brand or CA (Certificate Authorities), especially, when we are talking about security of e-commerce sites.

  3. IP address: SSL is linked to an IP address to provide security to domain/site. So it becomes very important to have a dedicated IP address in order to secure it a 100%. Although SSL certificate can be used in a shared environment as well.

  4. Tenure: Minimum tenure for validation of SSL certificate is one year. But it depends upon requirement, service and cost, which one would suit you the most.