Important Tips to Speed-up and Secure Your Website

by sslstreet admin

Posted on February 15,2019 11:10 am

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How to Speed up your SSL Enabled Websites?

SSL certificate is important to share data securely over the internet without risking it to fall into wrong hands and avoiding it from being misused. But an important thing that should be kept in mind before requesting for SSL certificate is that it should be issued only by an authorized CA (Certificate Authorities). SSL certificate provides an encrypted link through which data can be transferred to and fro between internet browser and server, without compromising security and integrity of personal or sensitive data. SSL provides internet security however, we should never forget that everything has its own pros and cons. Along with providing internet security, SSL certificate also slows down the performance of the website. 

Effect on Performance

As we know, on one hand, SSL certificate provides internet security, which is important for improving web ranking but, on the other hand, it also affects the website performance by slowing it down. For a website owner, it is necessary to provide internet security to its client to gain trust and loyalty and there is no alternative other than SSL certificate because of benefits provided by SSL Certificate. If a user of the website looks for a secure site, he also looks for a site that does not take long to upload. A user wants fast results without compromising security. So technology is required, which enhances the performance of the website without bargaining security.

How does SSL Certificate Work?

SSL certificate works as a backbone of internet security. It provides a link between the web browser and the server so that the data can be transferred between the two in an encrypted form, which cannot be read and modified easily. Websites with SSL certificate are HTTPS:// prefixed instead of HTTP://. Especially when needing to log in our personal details or do any financial transaction, we want to be sure that our information will not fall in wrong hands and will be received by the host without being modified. To ensure that, we normally prefer a website with SSL certificate, in other words, site with https:// prefix. But to fulfill other requirements of visitors of your website; you need a method by which you can boost up the performance of your site.

How to Speed It Up?

The solution to this problem is CDN (Content Delivery Network). What CDN does is, it places a network of Proxy cache server. This server stores most searched content of your website so that it can be delivered to browsers effectively and efficiently. As the content of the website is stored it needs space for storing "particular" content. As most searched content is stored, the distance is reduced for that particular data to travel between server and browser. Now whenever anybody around the world pings for a quick response, CDN picks up the proxy cache server, which is located nearest to the browser geographically, increases the speed and performance of the website, significantly. Therefore, we can say that using CDN technology along with an SSL certificate can enhance the performance of your website and provide security at the same time.

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