Why You Need to Secure Your Restaurant’s Website with SSL Right Now

by sslstreet admin

Posted on November 16,2018 06:49 pm

The SSL Street

SSL Certificate for Restaurant Business-Google is more concerned and conscious about security issues nowadays. Keeping web-security in mind, Google has decided to make some changes, which may have the negative impact on your website. For example, if you have not secured your website with SSL certificate, visitors of your site may receive a warning message ‘Not Secure’. This may decrease the visitor ratio of your site and may hinder your business. Few impacts of such changes in internet security standards are stated below:

  1. Issuing of “Not secure” warning message

  2. Google may bury non-secure websites in search results, which will affect search ranking.

This may worry you but to overcome such a situation, here are some simple steps that are to be followed to secure your website. Before jumping to implementation steps of SSL certificate, we should first understand about SSL.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and how it works

Every internet user has an idea about HTTP:// and https://prefix. Difference between both is alphabet ‘S’. It is just an alphabet, you may think, but it makes the huge impact on Internet security. HTTP:// prefix depict that it is a non-secure website whereas https:// implies a secure connection. It is also known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). ‘S’ alphabet ensures that the data going to and from your webpage or website is automatically encrypted. This encrypted data is in an unreadable form, which saves it from being manipulated but any other third party before reaching its destination.

If your website is secured with SSL, it will provide a sense of confidence toyour customer while sharing their personal information with you over the net. This will not only earn your customer’s loyalty but also help you gain new customers. ‘The more confident the customer feels, the more business you will get’, this is how it works. Now if you are worried to get a new website for your business and think about how much it’s going to cost you, let me give you a good news. You do not need a new website. All you need to do is install SSL certificate and set up URL (to redirect all HTTP:// links to https://).

Need of SSL for your restaurant

Let us discuss this point wise:

  1. It builds customer trust: As discussed, https:// prefix gives the sense of security to the internet user. Itis normal to collect your customer’s information for the record but it is far moreimportant to make the customer comfortable with sharing his/her personal details. In case if you have not secured your restaurant website with SSL, on opening your webpage, a warning message will trigger about non-secure connection/page. In such a situation, there are high chances that the customer will leave the page and search for a secure website rather. You will lose a customer for sure but the ranking of your business will also be affected, no matter how good your services are and how tasty your food is. So it is important to secure your site with SSL.

  2. Improves search ranking: As you are running a website, you understand how important Google search ranking is. Better search ranking directly affects the number of new customers. Google prefers secure site over non-secure. If your site is secured with SSL; on being searched, Google will prefer your site over other non-secure sites. In simple words, your restaurant will be way easier to search over the net rather than other restaurants who have not yet installed SSL. This will boost your search ranking and makes you easily searchable. This will help in acquiring new customers and will increase your annual revenue.


If you want to run a successful business over the net, it is important to secure your website. Internet security is not what Google wants to play with and will notlet others to play with either. If you are already playing safe by securing yourwebsite, it will help you in improving your search ranking and will earn younew and loyal customers. If in case you are still thinking of getting SSL certificate, you need to hurry; on being searched Google will issue a non-secure page warning which may alarm your customer and might change his decision of visiting your website.

If you need more information regarding this or you need help in getting positive SSL certificate for your website, we are just a call away. Give us a call on our toll-free number +1 (888) 606-7330 or write us on info@thesslstreet.com,our team of experts will be happy to assist you.