Secure E-commerce Transactions with COMODO SSL Certificates

by sslstreet admin

Posted on February 12,2018 10:23 pm

The SSL Street

The present era is the era of technology. We are depended upon technology for almost every single thing. From paying our electricity bills, booking tickets, banking, to online shopping, everything can be done by just few clicks. When we make use of Internet for such things, where financial transitions take place, it becomes of utmost importance to carry out it in a secured environment, an environment where a customer can feel safe to make such transactions. If, in case, your information is hacked by the third party, it can be easily misused without any trace, or even worse.

So it has become necessary to get a technology, with the use of which our information remains safe and secure. Comodo SSL Certificate, the most trusted CA (Certification Authority) provides such secure environment to carry out the online activities.

Comodo SSL Certificate

Comodo SSL Certificate provides a trusted and secure environment, within which you can carry out E-commerce transactions, without fearing of information falling into wrong hands. Comodo SSL Certificate is only issued to those entities whose verification and authentication is been checked via intense verification process, and whose physical existence is also thoroughly checked.

E-commerce transaction

In this electronic era, plastic/electronic money has become a very common thing. When we perform any financial transaction online, instead of using original money, we use electronic money. Any Purchase done online is referred as E-commerce transaction as only electronic money can be used.

Securing E-commerce Transaction

Most of people often visit various sites to make purchase, despite of heavy discount and good price; they restrain from making any kind of purchase online. This happens because they do not feel comfortable about sharing their credit card details or bank details online. To gain this trust and feeling of security, it becomes important to secure your site with SSL certificate and when we talk about trust and security, Comodo is the name that strikes our mind.

Once you install Comodo SSL certificate on your website, your website address will be prefixed with https:// instead of http:// as well as a lock will appear on address bar. By clicking on this lock icon customer can know the details about the company and SSL certificate used by it. This makes the customer certain about the security measures taken by the company and in return, will help in gaining trust of the customer. By looking at the address, your customer can easily identify that your website is secure and that it is safe to conduct E-commerce transaction.

When you make any financial transaction on websites that are secured by Comodo SSL certificate, the information shared while performing such transaction is encrypted so that it cannot be misused or hacked or modified. The link between your Internet browser and server is in encrypted form so as to create a secure environment. Such measures are important to follow because information such as credit card details, password, login ID etc, can be misused which will put the customer as well as the company into trouble. So if you are an owner of a website that conducts e-commerce transaction, it is advisable to install Comodo SSL certificate (if not already installed) before it’s too late.