How to get a green lock bar SSL Certificate for your website (HTTPS)

by sslstreet admin

Posted on February 05,2018 10:22 am

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When we are talking about security over internet, we are basically talking about SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which acts as a backbone of internet security. As information travels across the world through computer network via internet, it becomes essential to protect sensitive data. Data can be secured if the transfer is done in encrypted form, which is a non-readable form that is exactly what SSL does.

SSL Certificate

It is a data file, which provides secure connection between a web server and a browser. It provides a secure encrypted link/connection between a server and a browser via which data can be transferred or shared in a secured form. Data can be passed over internet without compromising its privacy, integrity and security. There are different levels of SSL certificate and those are:

  1. Extended Validation (EV)

  2. Organization Validation (OV)

  3. Domain Validation (DV)

Extended validation certificate (EV)

Out of all SSL certificates, Extended Validation certificate (EV) is the highest of available SSL certificates. Although all SSLs use almost same powerful encryption technique, but to get EV you require accurate selection process. We can say that all the levels differ in process of identity verification and how the particular certificate is displayed. Once you get EV SSL certificate, you get a green address bar, which gives the feeling of security to all the visitors of that particular website.

How to get EV certificate and how it provides security?

To get EV SSL Certificate, you have to go through global standardized identification process, which is a verification process that gives exclusive rights to use a domain by confirming the legality, physical existence and authenticity of the company. All the information along with the name of the company and location is included in the EV certificate. Once you get EV Certificate, HTTPS and padlock in the browser address bar is activated along with the name of the verified website owner. It gives secure feeling to the visitor to perform financial transactions.

Green address bar

If a company has EV SSL Certificate, its address bar (padlock), https, company name and country will be green in color. If the connection is partially encrypted, then the browser will issue a warning message which will indicate that the domain is not fully secured and can be hacked by a third party or hacker. For a domain which is fully secure or has a higher level of SSL certificate, green padlock is shown. If, in case, content is loaded over http rather than https, green address bar will not be shown, which indicates that connection is not fully secure.