How to add HTTPS SSL certificate to WordPress website

by sslstreet admin

Posted on March 12,2018 07:15 am

The SSL Street

We all are well aware of the term “http:” that was widely used decades ago or two but, with the change in technology there is a drastic change in the way we do things on daily basis now. With an increase in usage of internet there is an increase in the threat; threat of personal or sensitive information. To put a stop on that, HTTPS SSL Certificate is the most reliable and effective solution. HTTPS, in simple words, is the secure version of HTTP, which is commonly used to protect personal information like address, passwords and especially information related with money, like bank account details, credit card details etc.

What is SSL Certificate& how to install it?
SSL Certificateis normally installed by the company that provides the domain but installation can also be done online. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and are used to provide security by encrypting the information that is being exchanged between a website and an internet browser. Single domain SSL can only cover one domain or sub domain but if there is a requirement for multiple domains,wild card Ssl certificate are used.

Necessity of SSL Certification
With an increasein the usage of technology in our day-to-day work, there is an increase inrisk of personal information being misused. We do most of our work online, like online shopping, managing our bank accounts, sharing our personal information via login forms, passwords etc. Now the main concern is how to protect this sensitive information from hackers. SSL is the most effective and reliable solution for this problem. SSL certificate provider issues a digital certificate to the individual or the company/organization only after verifying its identity. Each site is provided with a unique SSL Certificate for identification purposes.

As the awareness increases, it becomes essential to get SSL Certificate because most people look for https://prefix before making any online transaction. It is a standard security technology, which ensures that the data transferred between a web server and a browser is secured, remains private as well as integral via providing an encrypted link between the two. Encryption is necessary in order to prevent the data from being misused or modified by the third party/hacker.

Difference between SSL and EV
For much higher level of security, EV Certification is required. It is at present, the highest form of SSL Certificate. EV stands for Extended Validation. This certificate is used for https websites and software that provide the legal entity controlling the website or software package. To obtain an EV certificate, there is a requirement of verification of the requesting entities by a certificate authority.

Since EV SSL is a higher level of certification, for verification of the company,the owner of the website has to go through globally standardized identity verification process in order to get exclusive rights to use a domain as well as to confirm that it is genuine and legal, operational and existential.