How to accept credit cards and secure your online store with SSL without any technical experience

by sslstreet admin

Posted on March 10,2018 06:55 am

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Before going into details, let us understand why and from whom we need to get security for online stores. When we go for online shopping, first thing that comes in our mind is that ‘is this site safe for online shopping, what if my credit card details are leaked or hacked, what if this is a fraud?’ It is important for the business owner to provide feeling of security to its customers so that they can shop online- freely and comfortably. If a customer is not sure or confident about your online store, there are chances that he/she will not make any purchase, security being the main concern. If you have online store, first thing that should be done is to go for a Comodo SSL certificate to ensure your customer’s safe and secure transaction.

There are different levels of a SSL certificate. Depending upon your requirement and business type, you can go for the one that suits you best. All SSL certificates provide almost the same level of security but the difference is in the verification process. If in case you want to expand globally, you need to be sure while choosing SSL certificate as well as credit card processing. Choose the one which is best for your business.

When doing online shopping, it is important that your information that includes your name, address, mobile number, credit card details etc, must be shared through a secure platform. To accomplish this type of secure connection SSL is required. For this, all you need is to follow simple online instruction and install a SSL certificate from authorized CA (Certification Authority). The information which you provide will be checked for authenticity and if you have provided correct and complete information, your SSL certificate will be issued via which you can secure your website.

Credit cards and SSL
To accept payments online, traditionally it has been a combination of both, merchant account and payment gateway. A special business bank account, commonly known as merchant account is what you need to accept credit card payments. Your store and merchant account is connected through online payment gateway that assists transaction between parties involved-merchant’s bank and card issuer’s bank. It is like a card swipe machine that you might have seen in most of the stores when you go out for shopping. As the monetary transaction is involved, it is advisable to get SSL certificate so that such transactions can be done in a secure environment.

If you want to opt for merchant account/payment gateway, you need to apply for both. All you have to do is fill up the application form and provide required financial information and your work is done. Merchant Stronghold is known for providing merchant accounts for all kinds of low and high-risk businesses.

After applying for these forms you need to wait for few days for processing of your application and once your application is accepted, you can start accepting payments. But before accepting payment you need to connect your account to the gateway and then gateway to your store. There are all-in-one solutions like Pay Pal, which unites merchant account and gateway into one solution, which makes setup easier and quicker.