How does Comodo SSL Certificate secure your website?

by sslstreet admin

Posted on March 07,2018 08:33 am

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Website is a collection of web pages that are related, share same domain name and are published on one or more web servers. Website contains numerous information and important data which is valuable to website owner as well as user of that site. This information can be company’s detail, financial information, Login ID’s & password, and much more. As people across the world can access most of the websites, irrespective of their geographical distance (from the place where that website was uploaded), it becomes of utmost importanceto secure the website and its data. Best way to secure your website is by installing

SSL certificate: It is a small data file which when installed creates an encrypted link between the web browser and the server to ensure secure transfer of information in encrypted form so as to protect it from being modified or misused by any third party. There is CAs (Certification Authorities) from where you can buy the desired SSL certificates. CA is an entity that is responsible for issuing SSL certificate and for verification and authentication of applicants. But it is advisable to request SSL certificate from a trusted CA. Comodo is one of the leading and trusted SSL certificate issuing entity.

Comodo SSL certificate: When we talk about Comodo SSL certificate, first thing that strikes our mind is high internet security. Over the years, Comodo has gained trust of its customer by providing excellent service and has maintained its position at the top in the list of genuine CAs (Certification Authorities). It is not easy to gain trust of customer and it is even harder to retain it. Comodo SSL certificate ensures that your information will not be tampered by any third party, the data will be guarded from hackers or virus attacks; which makes it possible to interact online or have a successful online business without worrying about internet threats, virus, hackers or any other security issues.

  • How it helps securing your website: When Comodo issues SSL Certificate, it verifies the information provided by applicant and makes sure that all the information (such as company name, address, physical existence etc) provided is correct and also checks the legality of it. As security is main concern, it follows various verification steps, which might take time, thus making the process of issuing SSL certificate time consuming. It takes a day or two to get a SSL Certificate, but it also depends upon the type of SSL certificate you opted for.There are few Comodo SSL certificates that can be installed within minutes such as Free Comodo SSL. Before issuing the SSL certificate, Comodo makes sure that applicant is genuine and the data provided is correct, if it is not the case, then SSL certificate will not be issued and the request will be rejected. Once the SSL Certificate is issued, the link between the browser and the server will be in encrypted form or secured, and the data shared is also encrypted so that it is in non-readable form and cannot be modified or misused.

  • Various Comodo SSL certificates: There are various SSL Certificates that Comodo supports. These are categorized in three groups:

    • Single domain

    • Multiple domain

    • Wildcard

    You can choose from these categories as to which SSL certificate would be more useful in your case as well as would be more cost effective.