A Look Into Changes and Enhancements For Managed SSL

by sslstreet admin

Posted on February 28,2019 09:19 pm

The SSL Street

Enhancements for Managed SSL:Here in The SSL Street, we believe in giving the best services to our customers at a very nominal price. We believe in providing the best solutions to our clients for a smooth running of certificate lifecycle and management process. Not only this but we also take special measures to reduce time, effort and cost associated with managing multiple certificates. We have successfully made some changes and updates for better customer experience.

•    PKI platform for domain

•    Profile management for SSL certificate

•    New features and User Interface (UI) enhancement

Various changes and enhancements for managed SSL

Most of the enterprises require more than one SSL certificate to fulfill their requirement. It becomes difficult to manage and keep track of every SSL certificate installed for various domains and sub-domains. With an increase in the number of certificates for various profiles, difficulty in managing them increases. Keeping a track of renewal, verification, status etc becomes difficult. To ease this task few changes and enhancements have been made, let us now discuss them one by one to get a clearer picture.

1. ‘Managed Domains & Profile’ page

Keeping our clients in mind, we have updated ‘Managed Domains and Profiles’ page to give them a more intuitive and easier interface. It will make it easier for our clients to manage their profiles as well as domains. This new User Interface (UI) will allow our clients to find various options related to the profile and domain easily. This improved layout contains various icons for common actions. Few of the changes are listed below to get a better idea:

•    Design change in how profile information is displayed.

•    Quick access to 'manage existing domain'

•    Allowing an easy way to add a new domain

•    Ease in requesting a public ordering page

•    Editing profile with a click of a button

2. ‘Managed Domains’ Page

To display all the domains of a particular profile, a new page ‘Managed Domain’ has been created. This will help the user in managing their domains directly within a specific profile. This page will provide a more effective way to view and access domain information for any individual profile. Various things that the user can do through a ‘Managed Domain’ page are:

•    Set permissions for a domain to control:

o    Who can place orders

o    Approval of orders

o    Revoke certificates at the domain level

•    Renewal

•    Verification

•    View status of all domains

This is important for website security too as only authorized and right employee can have access to domains within their scope of work.

3. ‘Domain order History’ page

What if you can get an option to filter the list of a domain within an account so that you get the exact information you are looking for? Will it be easier for you as a user? If yes, there is good news for you. With new Domain Order History page, you get a filtered list option (for all the orders for domains within an account) with the help of which you can view all the domains within an organization’s entire account. This filterable list can help the user in various things, such as:

•    Setting permission

•    Removing Domain

•    Viewing the status of all domains

In a nutshell, Domain Order History page helps a user in reviewing the history and status of all the domains with the use of a filterable list and allows them to make a decision accordingly. All you have to do is, just click on the particular domain and full details of that domain will be in front of your eyes within no time. This list along with other details will also contain the following:

•    Vetted profile it has been attached

•    Registered point of contact details.

4. Enhanced Automated Domain Validation option

An organization can contain multiple profiles in a Managed SSL account. So, it is possible that different departments or even companies may exist under one SSL account. It is important to understand that each of these sub-divisions may have their own profile. These profiles normally contain unique enterprise data tied to a particular set of domains. Prior to the ‘Automated Domain Validation’ option, each of these organization profiles was manually verified. Not only profiles but every domain added to these profiles were also manually verified. This option has reduced the effortthat was earlier put in for verification.

This option also allows the organization to prove domain validation of its own, which in turn allows them to issue certificates to the particular domain from that instance. This feature allows the user to set up a company profile that includes:

•    Vetted company information which is verified by Vetting Department

•    All the associated domain names

You may think that how this will help the user? The answer to this question is quite easy. By using this option, as discussed above, the organization can issue certificates of its own; this will eliminate the need for verification process whenever a new certificate is issued.


The changes and enhancements made for Managed SSL have proven to save a lot of time. It has eased the task of managing, verifying and renewing SSL certificates. With just a few clicks these tasks can be done easily without investing much time in locating the information related to domain or certificates.

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