Using Digital Certificate for Mobile Authentication

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Posted on March 15,2019 12:25 am

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Digital Certificates for Mobile:Mobile has become an integral part of our lives. It has replaced laptops and desktop to some extent.  No matter where you are, you have this ‘mini work station always with you’ in your pocket all the time. It gives you the freedom to move around the world while staying connected with your employees and officials. Although this connectivity works in the favor of enterprises, it has also opened doors for security threats. Now the question arises how to overcome such threats. The answer to this is simple; with the help of certain tools and software that protect our mobile devices.

Most of the established organizations have come up with rules and restriction for employees on the use of these corporate machines. Few of the examples for such rules are:

•    Restriction on downloading any software or application on corporate devices

•    No personal laptops allowed in the premises

•    Restriction on access to corporate networks and data, only authenticated devices are allowed to access corporate network and resources.



As there are certificates for computer or laptop that ensure security, in a similar manner, there are digital certificates for mobile devices too. There are many advantages to such certificates. Let us discuss them one by one.

1.    Secure Email Access: To protect E-mails from intruders in gaining access to sensitive information, a digital certificate plays an important role. It authenticates employee and securely directs them to their corresponding email. With the use of a digital certificate, authorized devices can only use a corporate email server.


2.    Encryption and Authentication: Digital certificate permits employees to encrypt and digitally sign emails. The benefits of such communication are:

•    Privacy of sensitive information

•    Proof of the origin of the message

•    Mitigation against a phishing attack


3.    Secure Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is one of the most common things used nowadays to surf net and access e-mails. If you have opted for restricted Wi-Fi connection, by installing Digital certificate on mobile devices you gain permission to access corporate Wi-Fi. 


4.    VPN Access: Corporate VPN connection with multi-factor authentication will help in upgrading security to the next level. Only corporate devices with proper certificate configuration can be granted access to corporate connections.


Reasons To Use Digital Certificates For Mobile Authentication


There are many benefits to using digital certificates for mobile authentication. For better understanding, let us understand them in detail:

1.    No more complex passwords issues:  Normally for different applications, we tend to use different complex passwords. It is difficult to keep all the complex passwords in mind. Few issues with such complex passwords are:

a.    You may forget one or the other character of the password

b.    You may forget the complete password of a particular application.

c.    There are chances that you may re-use the same password for different applications (security threat)

d.    Have it written down somewhere (security threat) 

With certificate-based authentication, employees can access emails and cloud-based applications swiftly, without any hassle. By simply installing the certificate on corporate devices, an employee can safely access different applications without the need of one-time password token or any other biometrics. 

2.    BYOD friendly: Digital certificate supports BYOD, hence is beneficial for both, employees and employer. Along with preserving control over corporate networks and data, it also maintains user’s privacy. In case the employee resigns or device is stolen, the digital certificate can be revoked.

3.    Public Key Infrastructure: PKI is a widely accepted technology, which is trusted by major organizations and is industry recognized. It is used for authentication of users, devices & machines and servers within the organization.

4.    PKI for authentication of the mobile device: It has been used with a digital certificate by many organizations. For example:

a.    Server authentication

b.    User authentication

c.    Digital signature

d.    Email encryption

Instead of wasting time and money on integrating new technology and services, it is far easier to expand PKI to the mobile device. This not only about a lot of money but also time, which otherwise will be consumed for learning the following:

a)    New system

b)    Setting up new policies

c)    Training staff

5.    Security: Hackers are smart enough to hack the password database and misuse them. To guard the database from such attacks, digital certificates are used. It not only helps in increasing security standards but also reduces reliance on passwords for authentication.

6.    Mobile OS: Digital certificates work well with various popular operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS.

7.    Easy to install and manage: Most of the organization uses invasive, expensive and all-inclusive solution. A digital certificate does the same with a much lesser cost. Easy setup, less end-user interaction and easy to use, is what makes it easy to install (regardless of the OS used). After installation, it can be managed by cloud-based ‘Managed PKI’ platform. This makes the work of IT staff much easier.

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