Difference between Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard vs. EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate

by sslstreet admin

Posted on March 01,2018 07:50 pm

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Virtual world has decreased the geographical distance and made the real world as local. Every single person around the world is connected with every other person via Internet. Due to such connectivity, tremendous amount of data is shared on a daily basis over the Internet. SSL provides a safe environment within which you can share data and avoid Internet security threats. It is important to use Comodo SSL certificate for sensitive data but it is even more important to understand which SSL certificate to use out of a number of different SSL products. There are a vast number of SSL certificates available and these may or may not fall under the same brand. 

Choosing a SSL certificate that suits your requirement is an important decision to make. Depending upon the purpose, you can choose from the list such as Single domain SSL certificate, multiple domain SSL certificate, wildcard certificate, free SSL certificate and so on. Normally, people find it difficult to differentiate one certificate from another, such as Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate and Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard certificate. 
The main purpose of Wildcard SSL certificate is to secure main domain and all its first level sub-domains. Wildcard only provides security to certain level of sub-domains, but it is widely used because it saves time and is cost effective.

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate: Comodo is an entity that issues or grants,or we can say that it is a Certification Authority (CA), which provides a list of SSL certificates. Positive SSL Wildcard Certificate is the part of ‘Positive’ product range provided by Comodo, which are less costly as compare to other SSL wildcard products available in the market. List of few products of Comodo Positive range are:

Comodo Essential SSL Certificate: As mentioned above, Comodo provides a variety of SSL products depending upon the cost as well as the level of security. Other than Comodo Positive range, it also has Essential range, which contains only two products:

Difference between the two

  • Price: The main difference between the two is mainly the price. Positive SSL Wildcard is cheaper than the Essential SSL Wild card. For small and medium level websites, people prefer Positive Wildcard. But when websites need to carry financial transaction or sensitive data, Essential SSL wildcard is preferred.

  • Rating: User’s trust rating of Essential SSL Wildcard is much higher than that of Positive SSL Wildcard, and this difference in rating is due to high level of security features provided by Essential product range.