Comodo SSL Certificate Stands for Security and Success

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Posted on August 11,2018 08:11 pm

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Comodo SSL Certificate for Security-According to the ranking authority, Comodo is world’s #1 SSL provider with 33.6% of stake in the industry. Comodo SSL certificates were preferred by a huge demography of website owners even before the ranking them. This was due to trust and Internet security that the brand provides strong encryption. The ranking by only confirmed the growing demand and popularity of Comodo SSL certificates. Comodo managed to surpass its closest competitor ‘Symantec Corporation’ in 2015 to become a global leader. Let us now discuss the reason for such a huge success and various features provided by Comodo SSL certificate.

Worldwide recognition

Comodo has managed to become the household name for computer security (internet security) over the period of time. Comodo came into existence in the year 1998. Since then it has grown exponentially. With around 85 million installations across the globe, Comodo is successfully ruling the global market. Over 50 million people are using various Comodo brand products, such as

  • Antivirus

  • Firewalls

  • Internet browser

  • SSL certificates

When Comodo SSL certificate is installed to protect the website, on the top of the webpage one can see the Comodo logo. This logo represents the secure connection as well as a trusted domain for carrying out online transactions. Almost all the browser reorganize Comodo SSL certificate. Due to this reason, no matter which browser you are using, you will never face any kind of problem with installation and compatibility.

Freedom of choice

Comodo group believes in constant need of innovation and experimentation to cop-up with the world. What they believe is in consumerism and open market economy. That is the reason that they have maintained #1 ranking over years. Various features provided by Comodo are

1. Free trial for 90 days with various benefits such as:

  • Testing new site’s SSL security certificate
  • Avoids security laps if current certificate is expiring
  • For 3 months, hassle free website protection

2. Comodo’s free SSL comes with:

  • No risk
  • No commitment guarantee

Technical Competency

  • Comodo ensures to incorporate the necessary updates to its security parameters to stay ahead of the competitors.

  • Comodo legitimates website before issuing SSL certificate by staying close with CA Security Council and makes sure that all the industrial standards are met. Comodo’s certificate issuing department investigates how genuine the website is before issuing them the SSL certificate. Keeping On-Time issuance in mind does this.

  • Comodo SSL protects website with 2048-bit signature or 256-bit encryption.

  • Comodo has maintained comparative low prices and better service over years, which is a win-win situation for a customer.

  • Comodo is an infallible CA and has successfully provided quality products like:

    • Internet security site

    • Endpoint Security to enterprise client

    • Comodo certificate manager.


Comodo has attained #1 position by providing best security solutions over the years. It has successfully captured 33% of the global market and is still growing. With ongoing experiments and well-dedicated team, Comodo is ahead in terms of innovating new technology. Security is the prime concern, Comodo has come up with a number of products to fulfill client’s requirement in minimum cost. Various security products provided by Comodo group are SSL certificates, Firewalls, Antivirus etc.

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